One cancer survivor was inspired by the collaborative work of FCNA and PNAA in 2014 thereby brought the idea of cancer awareness initiative to New England.

Embraced by several nurse colleagues, a task force called the Filipino Cancer Network of America-New England (FCNA-NE) was formed. The FCNA-NE task force composed of dedicated individuals saw the need of the Filipino community and other diverse groups in the community about cancer awareness and education through the results of a health promotion survey. The task force members worked in collaboration with PNA-NE and formed a steering committee called Cancer Initiative and proceeded with fundraising opportunities to support programs the FCNA-NE task force envisioned for the community.

On April 28, 2018, the first cancer awareness community event was held at the Anderson Park in Brookline. It was a very successful event with an array of health and wellness activities like yoga and educational booths for adults on nutrition, health screening and “be a match” project. Attendees and participants to the program were members and employees of different organizations. A heartfelt sharing of journeys from survivors, family members of cancer afflicted individuals and nurses of cancer patients was very touching and emotional. The event was highlighted with the release of hundreds of blessed red and white balloons in honor of cancer survivors to celebrate the lives and memories of loved ones.

In November 2018, a brainchild of the FCNA-NE came into fruition – the Filipino Cancer Network of New England Foundation, Inc. (FCNNEF) which was organized and officially incorporated on March 7, 2019. This foundation is a 501 (c) (3) public charity with core programs promoted by the FCNNEF Board of Directors and members, with participation by volunteers and individuals from diverse communities and partnership with health care and professional organizations.

TOGETHER as ONE, we will build a community that will support ONE noble cause - to beat cancer Because We CARE. 

Thank you for your support.